Yanagawa City Tourist Association



Yanagawa, the City of Water

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柳川商工会議所 御花 松濤園 柳川市役所
Yanagawa City Tourist Association
35 Okinohata-machi, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka
(Tourist Information Center)
TEL (0944)74-0891
FAX (0944)72-9013




Yanagawa Dolls’ Festival Sagemon Meguri

With the coming of spring, the City of Yanagawa is gorgeously decorated with “sagemon (ornaments displayed at both sides of a tiered stand for dolls)”.
  When a baby girl is born, her relatives and grandmothers who wish her to grow up in good health to be happy start sewing beautiful handballs stitch by stitch to be used as sagemon for her first Dolls’ Festival.・
  Yanagawa Dolls’ Festival Sagemon Meguri was started in order to let many people appreciate this heartwarming practice and gorgeous sagemon.


Okinohata Suitengu Shrine Festival

Aboard a boat named the Sanshin-maru that is afloat on the waterway, elementary school and junior high school students of the Fune-butai (stage on the boat) Conservation Group show marvelous musical performances. Streets along the waterway get crowded not only with people but also with rows of night stalls packed to the full.