Kampo no Yado Yanagawa

Address 10-1 Yashiro-machi, Yanagawa
Phone (0944)72-6295

Located by the waterway where some boats with tourists on board go back and forth, this hotel has a large bathroom commanding not only a fine view of the waterway but also a sweeping night view of the city of Yanagawa. Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms, and rooms which combine Japanese and Western styles will enable you to make yourself comfortable.

Yanagawa Onsen Hotel Kisenso

Address 874 Yanagawa, Mitsuhashi-machi,Yanagawa
Phone (0944)73-3182


Address Shin-machi, Yanagawa 243-1
Phone 0944-73-5884

Yanagawa Business Hotel

Address 243-1 Takahatake,Mitsuhashi-machi,Yanagawa
Phone 0944-74-1500

Ryokan Akune

Address 197 Mitsuhashimachi, Takahatake, Yanagawa
Phone 0944-72-2483

Yanagawa Ohana

Address 1 Shinhoka-machi, Yanagawa
Phone 0944-73-2189

Saifuya Inn

Address 45 Tsubaki-machi,Yanagawa
Phone 0944-72-2424


Address 673 Yamatomachi, Nakashima, Yanagawa
Phone 0944-76-3212

Inn Wakariki

Address 327 Takahatake,Mitsuhachi-machi,Yanagawa
Phone 0944-72-2009
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